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Cluster 3: >80k TikTok Followers

(Starting From 10 Mid-tier Accounts)

Create a buzz around your brand and business with Cluster (bulk) influencer ads.

With Cluster influencer ads you get to collaborate with multiple mid-tier influencers/content creators at once, for one price.

Save time by avoiding influencer sourcing and price negotiations. Take advantage of Simple Influence’s smart contracts system through orders.

The Simple Influence Studio account handles all the admin of sourcing and vetting mid-tier influencers/content creators.

How it works:

  • Simple Influence Studio collects and vets groups of mid-tier influencers/content creators.
  • Then we group them into 3 Clusters based on their niche and reach.
  • A Buyer/Brand is then able to buy a Cluster and promote with multiple mid-tier influencers/content creators for a single fee.

Promotion Duration: 30 Seconds.

Promotion Type: Short Video.

You are welcome to enquire about the individual influencers within a Cluster before ordering.

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