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#foolishboizoutside #kulchawockeyz #kulchawockeyzfam

Kulcha Wockeyz ( KWZ) is an upcoming hip-hop dance crew from a Township called Khayelitsha in Cape Town. Formed in 2019 in Khayelitsha when few…

Happy girls are the prettiest
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Content creator, events promoter
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I there I’m a content creator and a promoter, I have a fan base of 11k followers on Instagram and 7k followers on Facebook

Life is what you make it
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A bubbly creative from Port Elizabeth, loves to explore and has a throbbing heart for adventure .

Skateboarder with the skills and thrills!

I’m a street skateboarder who’s not afraid to put myself out there and get things done. I’m quirky and fun. let’s get it.